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Sunday, December 9, 2012

New proposed Garibaldi PAC Objectives

The Garibaldi PAC Executive is proposing to modify the PAC's objectives to the following:

Garibaldi PAC Objectives

1. Support and expand student learning experiences.

2. Support student health and well being.

3. Facilitate and work to improve communication between parents and the school providing the official voice of parents to the school.

4. Support and facilitate parent education.

5. Work to strengthen the links between the school and local community.

6. Raise funds to support PAC initiatives and  goals in a manner consistent with our objectives.

The current goal statement is:

to have a partnership between parents and the school.

to enhance the education of all Garibaldi students by fundraising.

to promote understanding of different cultures and a sense of community.

to provide opportunities for parenting education.

The new objectives will be voted at the December PAC meeting.

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