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Saturday, January 5, 2013

PAC Meeting Minutes from Dec 12, 2012

Garibaldi PAC
December 12, 2012

Ms. Baker

Joel made introductions and there were no additions to the agenda.

Minutes will for the November meeting will be adopted at the next PAC
Adoption of the PAC bylaws, Constitution and PAC objectives deferred to next meeting.

VP Update:

  • Ms. Baker noted that she liked the value driven PAC objectives
  • Looks like we are on par for Kindergarten registration for next year.
  • Consideration of putting out a leaflet in the neighbourhood to promote registration.
  • Offered up a formal thank-you for the fundraising efforts of the soiree
  • Update on communications and checking-in:
  • More professional
  • Need to have boundaries
  • Already parents checking in at office more

Last month:

  • Remembrance Day assembly
  • Drills: - code yellow and code red
  • Eye testing done
  • Visit by Gino Bondy – District principal for Alternate Programs – visited the school
  • Gino in a new position; VLN and home learners are unique and also more stable.

One to One Readers

  • providing support to 12 children
  • trained and approved adults come to school to read with children
  • a variety of kids selected to participate

Bulletin Board
  • offered bulletin board outside of staff room to PAC vs. sharing the white board

January Events
  • Food committee meeting will be held at an afternoon time.
  • Invited to a performance at Begbie School
  • Gymnastics starting for all children
  • Goal setting days for staff.

5(d) – Parent Education Committee – need two people to spearhead the committee

Parent Programs – possible to coordinate with other Schools who might be offering parental programs already. Ms. Baker willing to put out feelers through her network

Fundraising Update:
  • $4,747.69 raised at the soiree
  • Might be time to switch up the style or venue of this fundraiser for next year.
  • other ideas – fridge magnet with dates – info on this was provided by Ms. Baker
  • Hot chocolate/lemonade/ popcorn after school not happening right now. Would like to look at a way to make this happen even if Lunch committee not going forward.
  • Spell-a- thon – pledge sheets; tested at school

Movie Night - dates to be sent out.

  • Joel provided budget update
  • Gaming account $2342.81, less $250 for tennis reservation
  • PAC account $ 5,467.69

  • Julie made a motion to purchase a sound system for the school with and expenditure up to $1200. Angela seconded.
  • Would like to have in time for the Christmas concert.

Meeting Adjourned.


  1. Hi PAC!

    I hope to attend the next meeting this Wednesday but just wondering what the hot chocolate/lemonade/popcorn after school meant?! Is this to be served after school as a fundraiser or given out - or have I completely missed something?!? I ask because my two littlies are not great with sugar/food colourings & we would need to find a way to avoid this if possible!

    warm regards

  2. Hi Trudy,
    That would be great if you can make it to the PAC meeting on Wednesday.
    Last year roughly once a month the PAC sold popcorn and hot chocolate after school for $1 each as a fund raising and social activity. Last year some kids skipped the hot chocolate due to the added sugar content so we were thinking of adding hot cider or a drink without added sugar this year.
    If you have not already I would suggest sharing your concerns with food in the school with the Food and Health Committee, see the post below.
    PAC Co-Chair

  3. Thanks for explaining Joel - I will follow up on the Food & Health Committee post...