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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Garibaldi PAC
February 13, 2013

Parents: 4

PAC Exec: 5
Garibaldi Teachers and Admin: 1
Lisa Patterson – Hastings Community Association

  1. There were no amendments or additions to the agenda
  2. Joel made a motion to adopt the minutes from the January PAC meeting – carried
  3. (Ms. Baker) VP Update:
Camp read was a big success – author Cynthia Nugent – read to kids and showed kids the process around illustrating books

Kindergarten hearing screening took place in January

Cross boundary registration now open

  • low registration now reaching intermediate grade levels
  • demographic data fro coastal health indicates upswing in this neighbourhood for children
  • puts us in good stead for potential enrolment

  1. (Jocelyn)PAC executive Meeting – held last week.

  • Main discussion around budget and additional fundraising
  • Need to touch base with fundraising committee to see what their intension is
  • Looking into creating T-shirts that could be sold as a fund raiser.
  • One idea to use kids art; another thought is to have something “on trend” “cool” that would be more in demand than kids art.
  • Budget: - looks like we would be $500-$1000 short of our goal if we complete all item on our current budget list while leaving behind $2000 for next year start up.

  1. (Angela/Joel) Financial update:

  • PAC Account: $3409.14
  • $1074.47 spent on xylophone and ukulele purchase
  • $1173.17 spent on sound system
  • Gaming account: $2085.31
  • $198.00 to come out of this account for Lion Dance Performance.
  • Joel made a motion to purchase the Lion Dance using gaming fund money since it is currently coming out of the PAC operating budget. Dave seconded. Carried.
  • need to verify purchase of hockey sticks is moving forward through the school
  • Tax receipts from the Silent Auction are done and being distributed.
  • Microscope was purchased and is expected for delivery in the near future


  • could consider doing the year end BBQ by donation to reduce costs
  • intend to fund another performance in the school (TBD)

Garden Committee (Anne-Marie)
  • gearing up for a hanging basket fundraiser – has been very profitable at other schools (Tillicum)
  • baskets are $20-$25 and are delivered. Baskets are available around mother’s day.
  • Will be potential for some of that money to be put into the general PAC fund.
  • Manure Sale – a lot of work. Some uptake to do it while others not so keen
  • if it goes ahead would look at one-day sale with lots of support.
  • Pea gravel for digging area was discussed. Fear of the digging area becoming kitty litter box. Will discuss off-line.

Popcorn Sale (Sandra)
  • tried some new items: seaweed and apple cider
  • scramble to get people to committee to helping
  • in the end worked out.
  • Lack of coordination resulted in increased cost to purchase cups
  • Need to have more secure help and advance coordination
  • About 6-8 parents required – making popcorn; set up and clean up crews.
  • Made about $25
Next Sale: March 8th

Movie Night: (Kerry)
  • not going overly well
  • aiming for more promo – sending reminders
  • possible pizza night for parents who find the timing tight.
  • Keep time the same – doors at 6; movie at 6:15 or 6:30 depending on length.

Parent Education Committee: (Anne-Marie)
  • starting to get some info out on the blog (e.g. Neufeld talks etc)
  • would like to aim to have one in-house event this year on internet safety

Sustainability Committee (Jocelyn)
  • book swap going on now
  • well received
  • in future 2 days likely enough

Yvette made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Joel seconded. Next meeting March 13.

Hastings Community Association Presentation:

Following the PAC meeting Lisa Patterson gave a presentation to inform parents of the changes that are currently being undertaken by the City and Parks Board which will have an impact on the way in which community centres in Vancouver are run. The Hastings Community Center board has significant concerns that by centralizing the community center model of operation will not lend itself to the community centre being able to serve the Hastings community in the same way that is has to date. The changes would mean that the community centre would not control over funds raised by the center and would not be able to carry fund from year to year. As well there is concern that they would not have control to choose what programs are offered and things like the parent drop in and pre-school maybe significantly impacted, particularly because some of these programs are subsidized in order to keep them going. The Hasting Community Centre is currently trying to inform the neighbourhood of the changes and would possibly request that a letter of support for the Community Centre Association be considered by the PAC.

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