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Sunday, March 10, 2013

DPAC School Funding Petition

Please take 30 seconds to fill out the online petition below, our kids are worth it!

The DPAC Townhall Budget meeting brought out many PACs and many questions for a panel with Colin Redfern (DPAC Chair), Steve Cardwell (Superintendent), Patti Bacchus (Board Chair) and Rick Krowchuk (Secretary Treasurer).  While there were many questions, the answers still came down to the fact that our School Board is not receiving adequate funding to meet all the needs of students in the system.  The reliance on fundraising and fees has increased every year and the Provincial Government continues to set budgets that challenge reduction of support and resources in the schools.
On review of the Town Hall Meeting, our DPAC decided it was time to petition the Provincial Government to address this continuing trend and fund education properly.  The petition is on line and you can print a hard copy for signatures as well.We will also be providing a template letter for parents to complete and send to their MLA.  This is the link to the petition -

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