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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October PAC Meeting Minutes

Garibaldi PAC Meeting
October 9, 2013

Attendance (approx.):
Lorraine Baker
PAC Board (4)
General PAC Members (10) including 3 Home Learner Parents
Home Learning teacher (1)

Joel called meeting to order and asked for any additions to the agenda

1) A motion was made to accept the agenda, to adopt the minutes for the September PAC meeting, and the annual report (circulated ahead of this meeting).
 - Jocelyn 1st; Maria (2nd)

2) VP Report - Lorraine Baker - had goal setting conferences with parents;
- Terry Fox Run went well; students carried themselves very well.
- ProD day – students to go over the school growth plan which helped to guide staff development – what are we doing already and what do we need to address. A great collaborative time.
-Fire Drill – fire department came because notification did not go through. Kids did great.
- Code Red Drill – lock down and safe place for staff and kids.
- Photo day – coming up; pictures also for library card
- Mother Goose – orientation to school; in consultation with VPL; 6 sessions that start next week.
- Earth Quake Drill – Coming up
- Halloween – Frog Hollow pumpkin patch not happening; school hosting pumpkin parade; parents welcome to attend on the 31st at 10:00am; if kids afraid there will be an alternate activity.
- Remembrance Day Assembly – Nov. 11. Parents welcome – will occur before next PAC meeting
 - School Board Website - almost operational; May need to wait for Ms. Conte to get back. Away for at least 2 weeks.

3) PAC Elections – Joel went over all the positions and who is currently in the position. Explained the rolls and welcomed anyone who has any interest to take a roll. Small PAC and able to make additional positions. No experience necessary.

Co –chair – Joel nominated by Angela; Julie nominated by Lisa; both were in by acclimation; Julie and Joel were voted in; carried

Vice- Chair – Angela nominated by Julie; accepted position noting that she would decline treasurer position; in by acclimation; carried

Treasurer - Angela nominated Caroline La Pointe – Caroline in by acclimation pending acceptance of the role.

Secretary - Andrea nominated by Lisa Osoba in by acclimation; carried.

Joanna and Lillia – were acknowledged and confirmed at home learning representatives on the PAC.
A motion was made to adopt Joanna as rep for Tuesday/Thursday HL Coordinator and Lillia as the M/W Coordinator. Angela; Taz seconded; carried.

Lisa Osoba and Lisa Nessi were voted in as members at Large on the PAC – carried.

4) Committees:
Julie provided a brief update of the committee sign ups and noted that emails were sent out, usually with a lead person to initiate the first meeting.
4a) Garden –
 - Harvest festival - date moved to the 20th. Come out; help out; happy for any participation.
 - Bulb fundraiser – bulbs are in; Made approximately $350 roughly

4b) Movie Night – Kerry not here but first movie night went well. Next to be held Oct 23rd.

4c) Fundraising Committee
- Last year was a silent auction soiree that has run for several years
 - Taslim willing to take the lead and trying to get the first meeting together to discuss what can be done and to brainstorm and event.

5) Treasurer’s Report
Gaming fund: $1,550.26
Savings PAC: $5,155.24
These numbers will be adjusted with a few items such as the laminator and the bulb sale that needs to be paid out to the organizer.

Angela made a motion to allocate $700 for a general allocation from the PAC (which can be spent with an executive’s approval). This amount was increased from $500 from last year to allow more flexibility. Lisa seconded; carried.

6) PAC requested teacher wish lists from Lorraine to be brought to next meeting for discussion.

7) PAC Blog best way to keep informed. Joel asked that we pass this info on to parents on the playground.

8) Next PAC meeting November 13. A discussion and informal vote for the best time to hold PAC meetings was held. Looking at alternating between afternoon and evening meetings. Most parents indicated that and earlier time in the evening would be better and that in the afternoon 3:15-4:30 best time provided child care is provided.

Julie made a motion to hold the PAC meeting on Nov. 13 at 3:15. Carol seconded Carried.

The meeting was adjourned.

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