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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jan 2014 PAC Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Garibaldi PAC Meeting – January 15th, 2014

Lorraine Baker
PAC Board (3)
General PAC Members (3) including 2 Home Learner Parents

1. Welcome Members; Joel Ronne, PAC Co-Chair (5 min)
2. Agenda Additions/ Adopt December  2013 Minutes (5 min)
3. Update from our school VP; Lorraine Baker (15 min)
4. Committee Update; Joel (10 min)
·         Movie
    • Feb Dance
·         Fundraising
·         Other
5. Financial Update and Budget; Angela (15 min)
·         Fund requests
6. New Business/ PAC Activities
7. Next PAC meeting (January) What  time? (10 min)
8. Adjournment at 7:30 pm

The Co-Chair opened the meeting. Minutes approved. Angela raised request for funding for parent talk. Will discuss in Committee items under “Other”.  Julie also has an item to discuss with Lorraine, re: Question from parents about receipts for school fees.
Motion to adopt Agenda: moved by Julie, Angela seconded.

3. VP Update:  Lorraine Baker
·         Kids happy to be back and reconnecting with friends after the break.
·         This term feels like a short term; ends with Spring Break. Feels like short turnaround time between December and report cards
·         Happy to see unveiling of beautiful Grade 4 Photo Art Collage
·         Lorraine has been away from school on district workshops for Administrators, including bullying and threat/risk assessment, with Area Counsellors, VPD, Area Critical Incident teams, and social workers.
·         Ministry of Education’s “Erase Bullying” site provides useful info on how parents can support their kids.
·         One-to-One reading session to support your child’s literacy with early literacy Coordinator will be offered to parents on Tuesday, February 18th.
·         A bedtime story themed event - “Books, Blankets and Bears” – will be held on January 28th between recess and lunch in the library.
·         Question about receipts for fees: The receipt is from the VSB for money that we collect on their behalf. The VSB template that was provided was unclear about what was mandatory and what was optional. The district will fix this problem for next year.
·         Question about money that was raised for fieldtrip: The teachers are organizing a field trip on February 26th to the VSO at the Orpheum.
End of VP Updates

4. Committees
Movie Night Committee:
·         Movie Night January 29th, Despicable Me 2

Valentine Family Dance planning
·         Timing – Doors open at 5:30pm, dance starts at 6:00pm and ends at 7:30pm
·         Need to confirm access to gym for set-up
·         Wade provided a budget for event.  The numbers were based on quotes from Long & McQuade Wade’s church will provide the PA systems. Expenses will include light effects, laser and fog machine
·         Suggestion to sell pizza and glow sticks for fundraising
·         Wade can do set-up and takedown for equipment, but will need help with tickets, decoration, food, etc.
·         Next step to get a Committee together to organize the details. Julie will ask the Movie Committee for help and ideas.

Garden Committee:
·         No updates

Outdoor Committee:
·         Plans to get up to the mountains for some snow play. Will confirm date and post on the blog.

·         Fundraising committee will work with dance organizers to plan fundraising opportunities at the dance (eg. Glowsticks, bake sale)

6. New Business
·         Angela introduced proposal to explore organizing a talk for parents. The VSB has a number of options. One that looked interesting was a facilitated session for parents on sex education. Will move forward with planning a session.

5. Budget Update:
·         Angela provided the budget update in Caroline’s place, as she was not able to attend the meeting.
·         Two funding motions:
o   Dance – spend up to $150
o   Sex education facilitator – need to confirm price, but approx. $350
·         Andrea moved, Angela seconded.

6. Next Meeting:

February 26th, 2014 at 6pm.

Meeting Adjourned. 

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