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Friday, March 14, 2014

Upcoming Documentary: Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents

The documentary follows children and parents enrolled in groundbreaking 
early childhood interventions that are currently being used or piloted 
in various parts of Canada -- at home, in school and in the community 
-- to help children (especially those at-risk because of Adverse 
Experiences) master the skills they need to be successful later in life.

Two school programs (one preschool, one elementary) in particular are 
focussed on in the doc.

These early intervention programs are evidence-based, and provide a 
return on investment that will not only help these children now, and 
help them avoid future troubles, but also save on societal costs down 
the road.

"Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents" will debut on CBC Television's Doc 
Zone on Thursday, March 27th at 9pm in most of Canada (9:30 in 
Newfoundland & Labrador).

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