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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Treekepers fun day at Trout lake Saturday 27, 9-noon

All TreeKeeper Day activities are free (except for tree sales): 
9-12 -- Tree Pickup (for pre-ordered trees) and $10 Tree Sales (various species)
Get a tree!
What's available?
Calycanthus florida: Carolina Allspice
Acer circinatum: Vine maple
Red Cameo Apple
  10-11 -- Walking Tree Tour
Ace arborist Sylvain Martel will lead a walking tour of the trees around Trout Lake.
This whole neighborhood was once a mature coastal Western hemlock forest, which was logged to accommodate development. Later the bog was drained because of the continuous threat of peat fires. Maple, oaks, willows, poplar and other deciduous species are now featured.

11-11:30-- Vancouver PoetTree planting

11:30-12 -- Conkers Contest

 If you don't know what a conkers contest is, you could google it, or visit the official home of the World Conker Championships...or just come to Trout Lake and we'll show you. Note that it involves intrigue, strategy and horse chestnuts, and no trees (or people) get harmed in the process.

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