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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Living Christmas trees from TreeKeeper

Are you dreaming of a Green Christmas? Make it happen by buying a living TreeKeepers Holiday Tree.

They have four species:

'Rainbow's End ' White Spruce | 5-gallon | $15
'Baby Blue' Colorado Spruce | 5-gallon | $15
Douglas-fir | 5-gallon | $15
Norway Spruce | 10-gallon | $30

You must pre-order your tree through their website, then tell them where/when you would like to pick it up:
Saturday, Dec. 6, 10-11:30am, Kitsilano Community Centre
Sunday, Dec. 14, 10-11:30am, Trout Lake Community Centre

These are outdoor trees you may bring inside to decorate for the festivities. Just don't leave them in a warm room for too long or they're break dormancy and start to put on new growth that won't be happy once you return them to the cold. More info here on indoor tree care.

After the holidays, plant your Holiday Tree outside in the yard or a balcony container. (More info on the tree species and sizes can be found on our website).

If you lack space for an evergreen at home, consider buying a native tree and planting it with the TreeKeepers in a New Year Planting Party in a beautiful urban forest.

Please share this with family and friends and thanks for helping grow the urban forest. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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