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Friday, April 5, 2013

March PAC Meeting Minutes

March PAC Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting, Wed April 10th, 2013

Garibaldi PAC
March 13, 2013

Ms. Baker
Guests: Kathy, Lisa, Joanne

1)    There were no amendments or additions to the agenda, other than moving the discussion about cross boundary registration to the beginning of the talks.
2)    Brenda made a motion to adopt the minutes from the February PAC meeting – carried
3)    New Business:
                        Cross Boundary Registration – registration time for new students
-       Joel speaking to this item along with Ms. Baker,
-       VSB setting initial staffing levels
-       Current number of projected students at Garibaldi would allow for 3 divisions (Teachers); one less than last year (4 divisions)
-       Result would be split classes for all levels including kindergarten.
-       Class totals are 30 for K and 24 1-4 grades.
-       At 71 children enrolled from within catchment we would add one additional teacher.
-       Currently 3 short.
-       3 parents in attendance but 9 on wait list for enrolment x-boundary at Garibaldi.
-       If G1 is split grade then total class size is reduced by 2.
-       End of April/ Early May sets teacher assignments after which adjustments are more difficult.
-       They will make sibling priority for any children on wait list for GA

Discussions around Home learners and their wait list
Catchment area being redrawn
Supposed to be looked at and assess annually but to date has not been.
Lorraine excused from meeting but will return for VP update
PAC free to discuss with parents on wait list and come up with a list of questions that Lorraine would try to address.
Joel offered to remain a contact between parents waiting to be accepted into Garibaldi and the VSB and Staff.
Basically at this time we need to wait to see what the “snapshot” enrolment is at the time of teacher allocations.

4)    Committee Updates
Garden committee - manure sale went well
500 bags sold = $1500 in profit.
Lots of support and fun

Request for $300 for garden committee signs was put before executive
Will be voted on with other items in agenda

Basket sales – will be held in April/ May in conjunction with Tillicum

Fundraising – no updates

Popcorn Sale – to go ahead this Thursday (March 14) – with parent soccer game

Movie Night - no update

5)     (Ms. Baker) VP Update:
-       VSB has a site license for about 600 movie titles that could be used for the movie night. A list is available at the office. Joel will let Kerry know.
-       Lion Dance was a success. The kids had fun
-       Wolf visited school. Children were very interested and it was fun for all.
-       Coming up:
-       Ready, Set, Learn – will happen in April in conjunction with Ms. Uzelac; an intro for pre-K kids to come to the school
-       Welcome to Kindergarten – also with Ms. Uzelac – for kids registered to start K in 2013
-       Pro- D day – 2nd half of April.- school growth planning; parents welcome to participate; goals setting; social capital; self regulation; usually 2 goals set

6)    (Angela) Financial update:
-       PAC Account: $3,520.39
-       Gaming account: $1,883.53
Total $5,403.95
-       money from manure sale yet to come in

-       Budget surplus again; in a relatively good situation for leaving some money in account for next year.
Working on:
-       T-shirt sales
-       Hanging baskets

A motion was made by Joel to allocate:
- $300 for garden signs; seconded by Angela; carried
- $380 for second performance TBD at school; seconded by Angela; carried
- $250 for bus rental for year end beach day; seconded by Lisa; carried
- $350 for supplies for year end BBQ; seconded by Tazlim; carried

Joel moved to allocate $200 for the repair of the school laminator.
-       Much cheaper to repair than to buy new. \
-       seconded by Jana; Carried

New Business (continued from earlier):

Bike Swap – Sustainability committee will head up
-       looking to conduct a bike swap after school or on a weekend
-       basically a chance to trade bikes or take a bike
-       parents would need to take home any bikes that are not claimed

Year end BBQ – Lorraine and Joel suggested the idea of a tea in the afternoon as a thank you to staff and volunteers in the school; kids can be involved possibly with a song they are learning at assembly; this would be in the afternoon before the BBQ as a way to show appreciation to volunteers and to roll into BBQ that would be more of a community event.

Next meeting Wednesday April 10

Angela moved to adjourn the meeting; Brenda seconded; carried

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