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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Minutes Garibaldi PAC Meeting - June 2013

Garibaldi PAC Meeting - June 2013
Parents Attending: Joel, Angela, Mike, Jocelyn, Carol, Taz, Lilia
Teachers/Admin Attending: Lorraine Baker, Shannon Hobson

1. Amendments to June Agenda – Home Learner Committee to be added
to list of PAC committees. Motion to adopt Minutes from May PAC meeting
and accept amended June Agenda – Angela (Seconded by Carol)

2. VP Update (Lorraine Baker):

  • Ready Set Learn event last month.
  • Wump World fundraiser: $600 raised for music program. Sending tickets home with children worked extremely well.
  • Fun Day successful.
  • Bluesberries donation much appreciated; concert enjoyed by all. Kids welcomed regardless of contribution from PAC.
  • Badminton just started.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Tea Thursday, 10:15
  • Beach Day next week. Whole school to attend.
  • Next year’s school growth plan now uploaded and signed off. Aboriginal piece across whole district. Literacy goal to foster creativity and imagination using fiction.
  • Currently have three divisions for next year with three teachers. Ms Uzalak has sadly been surplussed.

3. Committees

  • Garden plot signs cut out of plywood by Van Teck students in shape of animals.
  • Sanding and priming station at the PAC BBQ
  • Attempting to pass approval for wood chips to prevent weeds over summer.


  • Met as a group with Gino Bondi
  • Members chosen to represent group to PAC
  • Motion to add home learners committee as reoccurring item in agenda (Lilia, seconded by Angela). Joel mentioned that home learner parents are automatically members of the Garibaldi PAC. Not appropriate for all things that home learners vote on to be voted on by the entire PAC. Will need to figure out how to work with legalities. Greater desire among home learner parents to speak as a group to the PAC and have greater representation.

BBQ (Joel)

  • 5pm start, 6pm dinner
  • PAC to provide sausages and buns, potluck salads and desserts.
  • BYO cups, plates, and cutlery; Angela to send flyers home.

4. Budget (Angela and Joel)
Gaming Account: $1323.31
Savings Account: $4857.05
Cheque put out for Bluesberries concert contribution
Other PAC account – Angela to verify and send

Motion to spend the following funds right away (Jocelyn, seconded by Carol):
Fun Day Lunch: $270.00
Wood Chips: $150.00
Aquarium Bus: $217.00

~$4000.00 balance, currently. After purchase of items left to be
approved, leaves $2000 teacher allocations plus an additional
$1500 for next year. Last year, $3700 carry over account.

Motion to set aside the following funds for September:
- Projector: $900.00 – Carol to look into possible donation by BCIT (no motion passed).
- Photo mosaic project (Taz, seconded by Lilia): $650.00
Mrs Ligori wrote grant to bring in artist in residence; would require 5 digital cameras. Shannon suggested asking parents to donate old cameras; however, possible difficulties from teaching with cameras that are all different.
- Laminator (Jocelyn, seconded by Angela): $200
previously approved to fix old laminator. $1000 required in addition to purchase new. Would save money on expensive books by increasing shelf life and costly items purchased by teachers that would otherwise require more frequent replacement.

Other Business

Fees for next year (Lorraine)
School fees and materials fees, etc.: $53.00 on low range for schools. Hope is to increase offerings by school or to cover things that PAC previously paid for.

Catchment Area Boundaries (Joel)
Process under way to reexamine existing boundaries for Garibaldi and other schools.
Sibling issue a policy change that would affect next year’s registration (Spring, 2014).

AGM to elect new PAC exec will occur in October.

Motion to adjourn meeting (Jocelyn, seconded by Angela).

Next PAC meeting: September 11
AGM: October 9

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