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Monday, May 12, 2014

Minutes of Garibaldi PAC Meeting – April 9th, 2014

Minutes of Garibaldi PAC Meeting – April 9th, 2014

Lorraine Baker
PAC Board (3)
General PAC Members (3)

  1. Welcome Members; Julie, PAC Co-Chair (5 min)
  2. Agenda Additions/ Adopt previous minutes (5 min)
  3. Update from our school VP; Lorraine Baker (15 min)
  4. VSB/Sibling and Boundary Review; Joel (5 min)
  5. Committee Update; Joel Ronne (10 min)
    1. Movie Night
    2. Fundraising
      • Hastings Track Day
      • Bike Rally Grant
      • Garden
    • Other
  • Financial Update and Budget; Angela Wong-Moon (15 min); Fund requests
  • New Business/ PAC Activities
  • Next PAC meeting May 14th @6:00pm
  • Adjournment at 7:30 pm

  1. Welcome and Adoption of Minutes:
The Co-Chair opened the meeting. March meeting minutes approved, motion by Julie, seconded by Sandra.

      3. VP Updates:
  • Norovirus still present, even after Spring Break
  • 1st day back after Spring Break, one of the servers crashed. The whole VSB system was affected. The side effect was that some information was sent but didn’t get through.
  • Invitation from McQuinna School for big student concert – April 15th in the afternoon
  • Earthquake drill – parents can be present to pick up kids as part of drill.
  • Transition to Grade 5. Grade 4’s to have an opportunity to visit their new school. Most kids are going to Lord Nelson, some to AR Lord and McQuinna.
  • Home Learners – transition going well. Schools are welcoming the students into their programs
  • School Fee schedule will be less next year due to decreased Agenda cost ($7 instead of $10)
  • VSB Budget:
    • “Snapshot” and full document available on website
    • In a nutshell: $13 million shortfall
    • Good news – no teacher layoffs, but VSB legally obligated to balance budget – need to cut $13 million in order to balance
- End of VP Updates

  1. VSB Sibling and Boundary Review:
  • Joel learned from VSB rep that there will be no change this coming year for sibling catchment rules.
  • How to address? You can attend the VSB Open House Discussions on Catchment:
    • Parents welcome to attend
    • Mon April 14 7:00-8:30pm, Nelson Elementary
    • Tues April 22 3:30-5:00pm, Secord Elementary

  1. Committees
Movie Night Committee:
  • Next movie night April 23rd: Frozen

Garden Committee:
  • Manure sale March 8th – raised $1400-1500.00. Joel will confirm the exact number when it’s available.

  • “Hastings Day at the Track” fundraiser, scheduled for Sunday afternoon, June 8th.
    • $5000 grant split between Garibaldi and Hastings Schools
    • The grant also provides a small catering budget.
    • Additional fundraising is under planning – eg. Ticket sales for food and raffle for gift baskets.
  • “Bike Rally” scheduled for May 21st in lieu of Movie Night
    • Will be organized by Pedalheads or Endless Biking; kids will be divided into skills groups, and event will include bike decorating, a bike swap and tune-up station.
  • Proposal for “Community Garage Sale” raised by one of kindergarten parents
    • Timing and details to be confirmed

  1. Financial Update
  • Totals from Treasurer:
    • $1477.36 chequing
    • $4157.37 saving
    • $5634.73 total
    • March 7th - $250 deposit for tennis lessons
    • Monthly fees - $3.75 per account
    • To be confirmed – totals to be deposited from hot lunch (approx. $240) and manure sale; “Sexplainer” expense will be confirmed

Meeting Adjourned

Next meeting: May 14th 6pm

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