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Monday, May 26, 2014

VSB Letter re Teacher Job Action

Dear Parents and Guardians,
RE: Teacher Job Action
As you are aware, the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) and the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) are negotiating a new contract and, stemming from these negotiations, the BCTF began job action at the end of April. This has now escalated to a district-by-district second phase with a series of rotating strikes involving a full withdrawal of service that commenced in Vancouver on Monday, May 26. You are also no doubt aware that the provincial government through its bargaining agent, the BC Public School Employers’ Association has initiated a responsive partial lockout of teachers and a subsequent 10% reduction in teachers’ pay. The lockout may have created some confusion for parents.
For more information about the job action, and lockout from the Ministry of Education: Parents might also wish to review information posted on the BCTF website at: Parents might also wish to review information posted on the local teachers’ union websites at: and
Parents might also wish to review information posted on the BC Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA) websites at:
We also encourage parents to keep up to date by checking our district website at:
At this point, we are not aware of other days when Vancouver public schools will be placed behind picket lines. However, we understand that this rotating strike action might occur again. We will continue to keep you informed as additional information becomes available.
If you have more specific questions about school-related matters during the strike and lockout, please contact your school principal directly.
I am proud of the hard work and support provided by all staff in this complex school district. It is my hope that the labour dispute is resolved quickly at the bargaining table and that our school district can soon return to normal operations. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.
Dr. Steve Cardwell
Superintendent of Schools
c. Vancouver Board of Education.

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